About Us

Heartstring Designs was dreamed up by Stephanie Jones, who has always had a creative spirit and artistic eye. As a mother to two young kids, her creative pursuits fell by the wayside, as parenting demands took up most of her energy and time. 

In this season, Stephanie found that she had lost her sense of self, as happens to many moms. Unhappy with how she was feeling about just passing through life, and not living it intentionally, she embarked on her  personal growth and spiritual awakening journey in 2018, diving deeper into meditation, journaling, crystal healing, reiki therapy. Through all this learning she discovered her passion and talent for creating mala necklaces. 


What started as a hobby for herself, creating intentional mala jewelry that she wore to cope with the stresses of life, quickly turned into something more when friends and family began asking her to create necklaces for them as well. Heartstring Designs was born in September 2019 during a period of transition to a more intentional way of life, more than a little stress, and a whole lot of changes. 

She strives to create beautiful, intentional pieces of jewelry that are also functional, and serve to remind those that wear her malas that they are whole and perfect just the way they are. Each mala is made intuitively and with a certain intention in mind, and this intention is programmed into the crystal beads of the pieces. Through these pieces of jewelry, she hopes to empower her friends, family and customers to live their best lives. 

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